Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My BB Photo

Today is little BU third day in hospital. She is a nice girl because eventhough others BB crying, she just act non of her business and sleep soundly "Geng"!!!

Today little Bu give a very funny gesture to take photo. She said: " Shen Ar Jiu Jiu WO Ba!!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Photo for my BB

I would like to share more my little BB photo to you all. is sleeping soundly. Now we are still observing BB look like who? What do u think?

Tan's Family New Member

I must say thanks to my belove wife, she has delivered such a cute, pretty and healthy BB for us.
Thanks god and my grand parents pray for me to have such wonderful daughter to us.

The deliver flow is extremely smooth and she don't even shout because of the medicine (Epidural).

My BB name: Tan Zi Rou(The last work mean soft).

BB Sex: Girl
Deliver Way : Natural
Weight : 3.35kg
Length: 51cm
The deliverly process is 45mins
Birth date: 23/2/2009
Birth time : 1.15pm

Here are the photo