Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mind Investment Blog

At 20th May 2009, I have created my first Investment blog. This blog is sharing about how you invest yourself in term of mind. From the view from invest, a lot of things actually is an investment. 

Studying actually is an investment.... 
Learning is an investment...
Wearing is an investment...
Reading is an investment...
Building relationship is an investment......etc

What investment have you done?

Let's learn and share your view with my blog

Hope you guys can learn what I have learned recently. 

Here are the blog:


Monday, March 30, 2009

Books for Popular Book Fair

Last Saturday, Popular Penang has organized a books fair sales up to 90%. I have bought plenty of book as shown in the picture.

All the books here only cost me RM239 which I can read a lot. For your information, people can be taxed rebate maximum up to RM1000 for book purchase. Malaysian is encouraged to read more for life long learning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My BB Photo

Today is little BU third day in hospital. She is a nice girl because eventhough others BB crying, she just act non of her business and sleep soundly "Geng"!!!

Today little Bu give a very funny gesture to take photo. She said: " Shen Ar Jiu Jiu WO Ba!!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Photo for my BB

I would like to share more my little BB photo to you all. is sleeping soundly. Now we are still observing BB look like who? What do u think?

Tan's Family New Member

I must say thanks to my belove wife, she has delivered such a cute, pretty and healthy BB for us.
Thanks god and my grand parents pray for me to have such wonderful daughter to us.

The deliver flow is extremely smooth and she don't even shout because of the medicine (Epidural).

My BB name: Tan Zi Rou(The last work mean soft).

BB Sex: Girl
Deliver Way : Natural
Weight : 3.35kg
Length: 51cm
The deliverly process is 45mins
Birth date: 23/2/2009
Birth time : 1.15pm

Here are the photo

Friday, January 16, 2009

Golden Fifth Day at Veternary Clinic

Today is fifth day Golden at veternary house. He looks weak and show his pity face. However, the doctor said there is a chance for GOLDEN to survive because of his little movement. When I saw him today, he never move but looking at me saying the words "when I can send him back home".

Now he has "O" the blood. No food since day one. Doctor is trying very hard to save his life.

I also hope to bring him home. Golden you must heal yourself, nobody can help you.

"GOLDEN, we are waiting you come back!!!"

"U know, our friends are hoping you healing fast!"

Monday, January 12, 2009


My golden have admitted to ICU for healing. My pity puppy has been affected by the dangerous virus called Parvovirus. According to the doctor, it will cause the dog die.

First day, the puupy still ok. However, the puppy getting with boring face and not active. Sometime he cannot finished his dog food. Then, I sent him for veternary, the doctor get some shit from puppy and did the test. However, the test kit never show any sign of Parvovirus.

After one day, Golden never eat at all. I very worry and SMS to doctor to seek for advice. Doctor quickly ask me to send to his place for treatment. Some signs for Parvovirus case, the dog keep on vomiting, not interested in food, shit black in color with strong smell.

Today, Golden stay in HOPE Veternary for treatment. We hope and believe Golden can recover shortly.

Let's pray for GOLDEN healing fast, I beg for your praying for him. THANKS!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Puppy "GOLDEN"

On 5th January 2009, I have bought a 7 weeks years old golden retriever at P. Pinang with MKA certificate.

I very happy with this cute and active puppy. This is first time we have own a golden retriever and we call him GOLDEN. Everyone in the house like this dog very much because it really cute and funny. The dog lover Ah Qi like to play with him. Once Qi wake up, she sure will find Golden play before she went to school. She really take good care of him.
Tell you all one things, Golden really like other golden retriever like to play water until wet his body. Sometime i a bit worry he get cold.
Now, my sister has sponsored me the cage for the dog for temporary. When Golden grow up, I think this cage not enough for him.