Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love is in The Oil

A very special occasion had happened in my life. When we went to Italianies Restaurant, they served you some bread. The bread would dig and eat with the Vinegar and Olive Oil. Then, the vinegar form a shape of love in the oil. We are so surprise.
Don't you think this is very special....Therefore, do not feel depress or unhappy because the LOVE is every way .

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Attending High Performance Selling Course

From 18th to 20th December is a wonderful and meaningful days for wife, Fun, Eddie and myself. We have learned a lot of technique how to sell your product profesionalaly. The speaker is Brain Tracy and was guide by KevinLee. With their super expereinces and methods they discovered is very useful.

We not only master on how to sell product, but also how to increase yourself esteem. A person with high self esteem, definitely can do better and great compare with low esteem people.

I know this course seem to be very cosy, but I think if this course can help you in future.IT IS WORTH the value. Please apply your one or two days leave to attend such courses to charge yourself. WHY I say so? The reason is our life normally facing negative issues, news, unhappy incidents, unsuccessful job, boring life, stress, etc. Every day, when you read newspaper alot of negative or bad news published on the newspaper. This create alot of negative energy to you.
At the course, you can charge with positive energy and alot of people supporting you. Giving you a lot of encouragement, believe, trust, needs and whatsoever energy you want. When you feel lonely, do not depress by the negative people.

Everyone sure will face problems.

"Don't think is a problem, you can think as LESSON for you to improve yourself. "

Then, you will find another new energy to fill up full with your body again.

At here, I strongly encourage people to attend this course to improve yourself into another level of life. This kind of course, not only applicable to business or selling, but it applicable to our life.

I'm from heart to tell you that this course really good. If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. I hope you guys may considered the course because I'm know I'm doing the right things. As far as I know, you can get offer if you register before 31st December 2008.
Email Address :

For more information, please visit

Saturday, November 15, 2008

2009 New Honda City!!!

I have tested the new Honda City last week. I like the exterior and interior of the new Honda city. We have seen a lot of picture from the internet, but the interior this time is my concern of the car. I can guarantee that the car interior is far more better and up market now. The previous version of interior Honda City give you the sense of plastic feel on the dashboard. However, the coming soon new Honda City has more rubber feel interior.

After test drive the car, the perfomance of the car is good and responsive than the new vios. The car is able to produce 120ps with 1.5L i-vtec engine.

The new Honda City come with 2 variants, one is "S" variant and "E" variant. Both variants interior is black colour which is not easy to get dirty. The S variant is the lower spec and the "E" variant is the highest spec for the City. For the E variant, the rear seat of the car now can be adjustable of the inclination. The "E" variant has bigger sport ring, signal light for side mirror. Steering have the button to adjust sound.

When going to lauch? The car is going to launch at the middle of december of 2008 midnight.
I still do not know the price of the car. Customers have to pay RM2000 for booking fee.

I'm Looking for DOG!!!

I"m looking for a dog. Anyone can suggest to me where to get or buy? I hope I can get a nice and understanding dog to live together with us for my whole life.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winning For Life Course

Last week 14th and 16th October 2008, I have attended a course called Winning For Life at Johor, Skudai. I have taken this opportunity to take the bus from Pudu to Skudai this time. However, something I would like to share with you all is when you buy bus ticket, try to buy the well known such as Transnational. At first, I bought the Alisan Express bus ticket for double decker bus (haven't experience before). However, when the time reached the bus never come. Then, I asked the counter, he gave me the excuse is the bus was broken down. I very angry and request back for money. Luckily, he returned me back the money from his own wallet.

Then, I quickly ran to Transnasional counter to buy a ticket. I found that they have computerized their system, so customers also more confident on their bus service. Therefore, I bought the bus ticket at 12.oopm. Truly, the bus start leaving Pudu bus station at 12.15pm. I still accept on delay of 15 minutes.

Since I first time took the bus to JB, my colleague asked me to go station at Seri Puteri. Luckily, a young Indian man called Chiven was sat beside me. Then, I asked him the nearest station to drop by in order to go GoodHope Hotel. He told me that the nearest station shall be at ESSO station. However, some unpredictable incident happen where the bus driver never stop at the station he mentioned just now. Then, all of us have to go down at Larkin Terminal. After we arrived Larkin Terminal, we waited for a hour and only took a bus to the nearest station to GoodHope Hotel. Finally, I took a Taxi for RM5 to GoodHope Hotel. When I arrived GoodHope Hotel the time is almost 6 to 7 pm.

Then, I have share a room with a guy from Sarawak. He is a nice guy and his name called Wen Pin (direct translate). He took a plane to Senai Airport about 10pm already. Since first time meet, we have chat about the course on Money & You. He has suggested me to attend function or gathering organize by members.

At 15th October 2008, our course started at 2pm sharp. This time we have a lot of members to attend the course. Almost 300 plus members attending the course. Through out 2 days course, it was conducted by Dr. Lim Wei Xian.

I found this course very useful where you can understand yourself more clearly. You can understand your weakness and strength in your human behaviour and attitude. Throughout 2 days course, I found myself very low self confident. The course also mentioned on how to over come those problems which I found very helpful for me. Besides, you can know the members not only from JB but also from other state or country. However, I found the course very intensive and fast. Some of us may not absorb even 50%.
Before I leaved, I managed to take a picture with Dr. Lim Wei Xian (green color T-shirt).

After finished the course at 2pm sharp on 16th October 2008, I have asked someone favor to take me to the nearest bus station to go to Larkin Terminal to purchase ticket (thanks to Mr. Tan, he wearing Honda shirt that day). Lucky thing happened to me again, I have asked the lady on how to take the bus to Larkin Terminal. Then, she told me that she also want to go Larkin Terminal there to check the ticket price. While we were waiting, we have chat the purpose of the journey to JB this time for me. Then, she suddenly pass me a small booklet which is related to JESUS. I'm OK for that, so we talk about our religion and my course for her. I encourage her if she have a chance, please do take a course like me to know herself better. Anyway, I still remember her name call Suet Fen. She told me that her hometown is at Sabah, Denom which is very new to me..

Another lucky thing happen again, the ticket seller told me that I would take a double decker bus this time. Wow!! I never take this bus before. I took the bus at 5pm and arrive KL about 9.30pm.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Din Tai Fung Restaurant at Mid Valley

Din Tai Fung is one of my restaurant. One of the reason I like Taiwan because of this restaurant. Now we can eat this "Xiao Long Bao" at mid valley now. Here you see the food orientation. My wife and I only ordered 2 bucket of "Xiao Long Bao" and Pork noodles. Here are the picture.

The photo above show many people waiting outside of Din Tai Fung Restaurant in Taiwan, but Malaysia no such happening.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Last Day in GnP

My last day (11th October 2008) working at G&P is our company 9th Anniversary Annual Dinner. The venue was held at Bukit Jalil Goft Club with pool's side party. I'm so happy that I manage to join this annual dinner because I really hope to do something for this 9th Anniversary Annual Dinner.

At 9th Anniversary Annual Dinner, my main task is to purchase the door gift and lucky draw gift. With help of ChewLing, Li Shiong and Pui Moon, we managed to prepare 47 lucky draw gifts and 160 set of door gifts. The grand price was won by Wong Yik Fong. I still remembered that he complaining that he has been working G&P for 3 years plus but never get any gift from annual dinners. Today is Wong lucky day he got a fridge for him. My wife also get a lucky gift, she got a laundry bag and 4GB thumb drive. I also would like to thanks to Alvin and Janice helping to wrap the lucky draw gifts. I also would like to thanks G&P give me an opportunity to work with you all. I not only learn technical knowledge, but also learn how to manage time, social, management and etc. I would like to say sorry to all my colleagues if I have did any mistake from the work. I'm really happy working in G&P although sometime feel tired, but it worth to learn.

Anyway, I will tell people that I'm proud to be ex-staff G&P. I also will bring the sharing culture and love to my future work place. BRAVO!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UNITEN Friends Gathering at HK Mui Kai (Sri Petaling) Restaurant

We have postponed our gathering to 29th Spetember 2008 due to inconveniece for someone. At that time, I was on the way back from Penang.

We have succefully gather our UNITEN friends at HK Mui Kai Restaurant at 29th September 2008. Of course every one are happy chatting with each other to know everybody recent life.

One of the reason we have successfully gather all the friends because Ah Kit come back from Abu Dhabi. We have ask about how the life over there which is we never experience in Malaysia.
A special thing on this gathering is where Claude also manage to join us where he just back from Sabah. Now he working in G&P Geotechnics as an site engineer.

James also attend our gathering. He now totally grow up in size like me. Now we are fighting who are the winner at the end. He also working as a geotechnical engineer at Aneet's father company.

Sui Tiam and PeiMing are continue their Master in UNITEN. This couple are still young and have a bright future.

Sarah now is working at SSP in Highway Department. She as usual like to make up before she attending any gathering which i think is good and respect the gathering.

Janet now is working at TYLin as a structure engineer. She is working fine and happy with this company.

WeeHeng now is studying his final semester in UNITEN. He sure very enjoying his study life in UNITEN now.

ChiewLing now is working as a geotechnical engineer in G&P Geotechnic. Now she is an expert in slope ground design. Anything you would like to know, please contact her. She willing to help you.

Finally, I will venture into a new business which is never work before. This business is NGV insallation and distribution in Malaysia. My base will be started from Penang and slowly back to KL.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to Create a Cbox on Your Blog with 7 Simple Steps?

First step, click on the Sign up and register an account for Cbox for FREE.

Second step, after log in to your account. Click on the word "Publish!".

Third step, highlight the code and copy it to your blog.

Fourth step, before you paste the code to you blog. Please go to tab layout as indicated in the arrow above. Then, click on the "Add a gadget". It will show you a box as shown below.

Fifth step, click on the HTML/Java Script as shown box above.

Sixth step, paste the code from third step now. Then, click save.

Final step, remember to click the word save before you view your Cbox!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

UNITEN Friends Gathering

I would like to invite all my UNITEN friends to attend our gathering at Sri Hartamas on 28th September 2008. The venue will be located at Hartamas Square at 8pm sharp.

Kit will come back from Abu Dhabi, then he will go back Ipoh on the next day. Make sure you can attend!?!?!

Here are the attendance list as follow:
1) Tau (me)
2) ChewLing
3) James
4) Sarah
5) Ah Kit
6) Christina
7) Suli
12)....who else wanna attend, let me know I will add you name immediately!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

2009 New Honda City Launched in Thailand

Honda Thailand has launched the totally new Honda City 2009 in Thailand.

This new Honda City is fourth generation in Malaysia (dif. The first and second generations Honda City only sold for Asian market for instance Thailand, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and etc. where this car is an entry level for the Japanese car for each respective country. However, starting with the third generations Honda City (unveiled at year 2003) only start exporting from Thailand to Japan. In Japan, Honda City called Honda Fit Aria which is strenched version of the Jazz. Now, Honda City go for globally where you can get this car in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and etc.

Previous version Honda City's interior is similar to Jazz, but the 2009 new Honda City has a totally new interior for itself. According to Thailand news, the interior is unique for Honda City where the air vents, door panels, seats, door latches and gear knobs is diferrent with Jazz. This car also have provide a box to hide your iPOD player which is very suitable for Asian market because scared of people stealing your important and valuble MP3 player. Meaning to say that, this car also has provided the connection for iPOD player.

The rear chair now can recline and split-fold. The boots get marginally increase in capacity from 500l to 506l which is most spacious for it class.

However, some of the part is still sahring with Honda Jazz. The city shares its drivetrain with Jazz with E20 compatile i-Vtec 1.5litre which can produce 120hp at 6600rpm and 145Nm of torque at 480o. However, it's never mentioned about the fuel consumption of the car, most concern by the consumers nowadays. Do not worry, once I get any latest information about this car, I will let you guys knows.

Let's jump for more photo to view:-

Friday, September 12, 2008

Monash Friends Gathering at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

At 2008 September 12 (Friday), I have gather some Monash's friends to have dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I very happy with this kind of small gathering where they always can listen to what I talked (hahaha...too much things to share). We talked about share, babies, pregnant...etc.
I hope we can keep in touch not only by phone, but may be you can drop by some message through my blog. Nice to know you all!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hyundai i10 launched in Malaysia

Hyundai i10 just launched recently in Malaysia to replace Hyundai Atos. In case some of you may not know, the Hyundai i10 is using similar platform with Kia Picanto.

While I searching information in the net, now Hyundai has a new naming scheme for the all new car in future for instance for the coming soon Hyundai Getz, most probably they will call it i20.

According to the salesgirl, she said the first 100 of Hyundai i10 is CBU version (I think is from Korea) at the price RM48,888 (OTR) only. Then the rest of the car will be CKD in Malaysia with the same price tag.

The car is equipped with 4 speed auto with 1.1 liter engine. The car warranty is 5 years and 300,000km whichever come first. Besides, it also claims that the car fuel consumption can achieve 17.2km/l with combined city and highway driving.
One thing I found strange is that the car is using INOKOM logo, but somehow they still put the "Hyundai" word at the back.