Friday, April 18, 2008

Wireless Internet Provider "Izzi" in Malaysia

Malaysia First Best Wireless Internet Provider in the TOWN!!!

Recently I have fed up with the giant internet provider service in Malaysia where the connection is not stable (sometime good sometime no connection at all). Eventhough I subscript 1mb data connection, the speed never achieved half of itself. I really disappointed with their provided service. Sometime when I faced the connection problem (no signal at all), so I tried to phone their so-called "helpline", but the problem still cannot solve (what to do, wait for few days lo...:(... ). Normally, when I called to their helpline, I could listen this " Our service has some connection problem at Klang Valley...Sorry of the inconveniece". I wonder whether their service which day is consider good.

Last time may be we have not much choices, but now we have more choices in the malaysia market now. Therefore, I try to find any alternative solution (to use other service provider).

One day one of my best friend introduce this "izzi" internet service provider to me. Before I subscript, I quite worry about the stability of the connection. However, she is very confident and let me try their service for one day before I subscript from her. For that trial day, I found that it had indicated good connection to me. According to their speed test, it give me big surprise. The speed is damn fast and near to 1mb connection. The speed sometime even touch up to 900kbps. Please have a look on the speed test picture below. I very satisfy with the service.

Actually, "izzi" has provided few packages in the market from RM66.00 to RM118.00 per month. Now "izzi" is having their promotion. If anyone subscript now, you are entitile to get 2 months free. I personnBesides, you have a chance to win a luxury car (BMW) and other prizes.

The service coverage is as shown below:

For further infomation, please visit the following website:

If you are interested on this "izzi" wireless internet service.

Please contact:
Tan Tau Chuien- 012-3853036
Ivy Sow- 0122507877
(Secret gift waiting for you.)


psveerapa said...

Interesting stuff about the Wireless Internet Provider In malasiya.I am in malaysia only.I am using the fastest wireless connection for my Laptop.It is very fast.I checked out it's Speed in the site

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