Monday, July 28, 2008

G&P Engineers Gathering

G&P has organized an engineers gathering at Sasaki Japanese Buffet. The food over there is tasty and beautiful with variaty of choice. I have tried to take a picture on the food that I eat, but the staff over there not allow us to take photo on their food, so strange!?!?!

Basically, I have tried all the food in the restaurant. In order not to waste the food, every type of food I only took with small portion only. So that I can taste all the food there without any wastage. hehe....

I went in and out from the table several time to take the food, so I eat until my stomacth like I already pregnant 3 motnhs. I can feel my stomacth very pain and feel want to vomit also (luckily no lar).

I also notice that Sasaki and Shogun are same group as well.

At last, I wish my two fellow friends PeiMing and Micheal have a bright and better future on their carrier path.Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

In deed its a very meaningful gathering b4 PM and I left. We have not had such a great gathering long time ago. Quite expensive though to be frank. RM60... I really enjoyed the moment with all my friends. Hope this blog get us connected in the near future very often. And wish everyone in G&P happy working.I will always miss you guys:->

Michael Ng Wei Chun

fantausy said...

Micheal, I also hope this can create a platform for us to keep in touch. Micheal, I wish you have a very bright future. Remember us!!
Thanks from your great guide for the stock market information.