Monday, January 12, 2009


My golden have admitted to ICU for healing. My pity puppy has been affected by the dangerous virus called Parvovirus. According to the doctor, it will cause the dog die.

First day, the puupy still ok. However, the puppy getting with boring face and not active. Sometime he cannot finished his dog food. Then, I sent him for veternary, the doctor get some shit from puppy and did the test. However, the test kit never show any sign of Parvovirus.

After one day, Golden never eat at all. I very worry and SMS to doctor to seek for advice. Doctor quickly ask me to send to his place for treatment. Some signs for Parvovirus case, the dog keep on vomiting, not interested in food, shit black in color with strong smell.

Today, Golden stay in HOPE Veternary for treatment. We hope and believe Golden can recover shortly.

Let's pray for GOLDEN healing fast, I beg for your praying for him. THANKS!!!


Esther aka KIKI said...

Little GOLDEN, must eat medicine ohh!! (does dog needs to eat medicine arrr??)sleep more and rest more at hospital...dun notty...and u'll be getting well very soon :D

fantausy said...

Today, Golden is vomiting blood twice and diarrhea few times.