Thursday, January 17, 2008

Last Stage of Fixing New Proton Saga 2008 At Cineleisure

As usual I went to Cineleisure Damansara Mutiara this evening to see the last stage of the fixing Proton BLM 2008. Today, they fixed more stuff compare to previous stages. The Proton team today fixed with the front bonnet, rear boot, rear seat and etc. During the fixing moment, there is a person to verify all the fixed stuffs in the car whether is fixing probably or not. Therefore, now Proton is very emphasize in quality control in order to gain back Malaysian confident level.

Before the fixing campaign started, I have talked to an engineer from Proton R&D. As he stated, the car is develop properly and the material provided in the car must be qualified certain standard set by Proton R&D. Threfore, the quality assurance is there.

While we chatting, he also mentioned that the New Proton SAGA 2008 may come out the Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) version with 1.6l engine very soon (at least 6 months). Besides, he also mention that most probabaly Proton MPV will release next year (never mention which month).

At the same time, I also asked how Proton can develop the car so quick. He mentioned that they study others car manufacturers (may be 20-25 MPV) in the market, so that they can at least meet the customer requirements such as comfortable level, handling level, material chooses, colour, exterior outlook and etc.

This is how they can build a car so fast, so don't be surprise that the new Proton SAGA 2008 can be built in short time (less than 2 years). In addition, the New Proton SAGA 2008 is extended from Prton Savvy with improved interior.This is very normal since this already practicing in the market such as from Honda jazz extended to become Honda City, Nissan Latio hathcback to sedan version and Toyota Yaris to Toyota Vios 2008.

For your information, tomorrow will have a grand launching at KLCC. The launching will show a red Proton Saga R3 version which is look like mini Lancer Evolution.

Let's enjoy all the video and pictures I capture this evening. It is good that you can wacth through the fixing process without attending the campaign at Cinelsisure.

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