Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Proton SAGA 2008 Launching

After long waiting for 17 months for this new baby come out. Today, we finally can see the real product of New Proton SAGA 2008 in the show room.

What I really concern about this car is the interior part. From the photo as show below, the dashboard and door trim are using better and mature texture on the surface. Therefore, the plastic feel is lesser now. I can see plenty of things carry over from others Proton model such as air-vent from old SAGA, the door handle from personal and ahnd brake etc.

Of course, the car price is the major issue to make this car competitive in the market (yeah, they make it). The price range is from 31k to 40k only which is very suitable for entry level people to get one of it such as fresh graduate, low income family, students and etc.

From the exterior part, the car look strong and muscular like Savvy. Of this car sure will pass the safety requirement.

Let's see the photo..

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