Saturday, September 13, 2008

2009 New Honda City Launched in Thailand

Honda Thailand has launched the totally new Honda City 2009 in Thailand.

This new Honda City is fourth generation in Malaysia (dif. The first and second generations Honda City only sold for Asian market for instance Thailand, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and etc. where this car is an entry level for the Japanese car for each respective country. However, starting with the third generations Honda City (unveiled at year 2003) only start exporting from Thailand to Japan. In Japan, Honda City called Honda Fit Aria which is strenched version of the Jazz. Now, Honda City go for globally where you can get this car in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and etc.

Previous version Honda City's interior is similar to Jazz, but the 2009 new Honda City has a totally new interior for itself. According to Thailand news, the interior is unique for Honda City where the air vents, door panels, seats, door latches and gear knobs is diferrent with Jazz. This car also have provide a box to hide your iPOD player which is very suitable for Asian market because scared of people stealing your important and valuble MP3 player. Meaning to say that, this car also has provided the connection for iPOD player.

The rear chair now can recline and split-fold. The boots get marginally increase in capacity from 500l to 506l which is most spacious for it class.

However, some of the part is still sahring with Honda Jazz. The city shares its drivetrain with Jazz with E20 compatile i-Vtec 1.5litre which can produce 120hp at 6600rpm and 145Nm of torque at 480o. However, it's never mentioned about the fuel consumption of the car, most concern by the consumers nowadays. Do not worry, once I get any latest information about this car, I will let you guys knows.

Let's jump for more photo to view:-

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