Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UNITEN Friends Gathering at HK Mui Kai (Sri Petaling) Restaurant

We have postponed our gathering to 29th Spetember 2008 due to inconveniece for someone. At that time, I was on the way back from Penang.

We have succefully gather our UNITEN friends at HK Mui Kai Restaurant at 29th September 2008. Of course every one are happy chatting with each other to know everybody recent life.

One of the reason we have successfully gather all the friends because Ah Kit come back from Abu Dhabi. We have ask about how the life over there which is we never experience in Malaysia.
A special thing on this gathering is where Claude also manage to join us where he just back from Sabah. Now he working in G&P Geotechnics as an site engineer.

James also attend our gathering. He now totally grow up in size like me. Now we are fighting who are the winner at the end. He also working as a geotechnical engineer at Aneet's father company.

Sui Tiam and PeiMing are continue their Master in UNITEN. This couple are still young and have a bright future.

Sarah now is working at SSP in Highway Department. She as usual like to make up before she attending any gathering which i think is good and respect the gathering.

Janet now is working at TYLin as a structure engineer. She is working fine and happy with this company.

WeeHeng now is studying his final semester in UNITEN. He sure very enjoying his study life in UNITEN now.

ChiewLing now is working as a geotechnical engineer in G&P Geotechnic. Now she is an expert in slope ground design. Anything you would like to know, please contact her. She willing to help you.

Finally, I will venture into a new business which is never work before. This business is NGV insallation and distribution in Malaysia. My base will be started from Penang and slowly back to KL.

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