Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winning For Life Course

Last week 14th and 16th October 2008, I have attended a course called Winning For Life at Johor, Skudai. I have taken this opportunity to take the bus from Pudu to Skudai this time. However, something I would like to share with you all is when you buy bus ticket, try to buy the well known such as Transnational. At first, I bought the Alisan Express bus ticket for double decker bus (haven't experience before). However, when the time reached the bus never come. Then, I asked the counter, he gave me the excuse is the bus was broken down. I very angry and request back for money. Luckily, he returned me back the money from his own wallet.

Then, I quickly ran to Transnasional counter to buy a ticket. I found that they have computerized their system, so customers also more confident on their bus service. Therefore, I bought the bus ticket at 12.oopm. Truly, the bus start leaving Pudu bus station at 12.15pm. I still accept on delay of 15 minutes.

Since I first time took the bus to JB, my colleague asked me to go station at Seri Puteri. Luckily, a young Indian man called Chiven was sat beside me. Then, I asked him the nearest station to drop by in order to go GoodHope Hotel. He told me that the nearest station shall be at ESSO station. However, some unpredictable incident happen where the bus driver never stop at the station he mentioned just now. Then, all of us have to go down at Larkin Terminal. After we arrived Larkin Terminal, we waited for a hour and only took a bus to the nearest station to GoodHope Hotel. Finally, I took a Taxi for RM5 to GoodHope Hotel. When I arrived GoodHope Hotel the time is almost 6 to 7 pm.

Then, I have share a room with a guy from Sarawak. He is a nice guy and his name called Wen Pin (direct translate). He took a plane to Senai Airport about 10pm already. Since first time meet, we have chat about the course on Money & You. He has suggested me to attend function or gathering organize by members.

At 15th October 2008, our course started at 2pm sharp. This time we have a lot of members to attend the course. Almost 300 plus members attending the course. Through out 2 days course, it was conducted by Dr. Lim Wei Xian.

I found this course very useful where you can understand yourself more clearly. You can understand your weakness and strength in your human behaviour and attitude. Throughout 2 days course, I found myself very low self confident. The course also mentioned on how to over come those problems which I found very helpful for me. Besides, you can know the members not only from JB but also from other state or country. However, I found the course very intensive and fast. Some of us may not absorb even 50%.
Before I leaved, I managed to take a picture with Dr. Lim Wei Xian (green color T-shirt).

After finished the course at 2pm sharp on 16th October 2008, I have asked someone favor to take me to the nearest bus station to go to Larkin Terminal to purchase ticket (thanks to Mr. Tan, he wearing Honda shirt that day). Lucky thing happened to me again, I have asked the lady on how to take the bus to Larkin Terminal. Then, she told me that she also want to go Larkin Terminal there to check the ticket price. While we were waiting, we have chat the purpose of the journey to JB this time for me. Then, she suddenly pass me a small booklet which is related to JESUS. I'm OK for that, so we talk about our religion and my course for her. I encourage her if she have a chance, please do take a course like me to know herself better. Anyway, I still remember her name call Suet Fen. She told me that her hometown is at Sabah, Denom which is very new to me..

Another lucky thing happen again, the ticket seller told me that I would take a double decker bus this time. Wow!! I never take this bus before. I took the bus at 5pm and arrive KL about 9.30pm.

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