Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Last Day in GnP

My last day (11th October 2008) working at G&P is our company 9th Anniversary Annual Dinner. The venue was held at Bukit Jalil Goft Club with pool's side party. I'm so happy that I manage to join this annual dinner because I really hope to do something for this 9th Anniversary Annual Dinner.

At 9th Anniversary Annual Dinner, my main task is to purchase the door gift and lucky draw gift. With help of ChewLing, Li Shiong and Pui Moon, we managed to prepare 47 lucky draw gifts and 160 set of door gifts. The grand price was won by Wong Yik Fong. I still remembered that he complaining that he has been working G&P for 3 years plus but never get any gift from annual dinners. Today is Wong lucky day he got a fridge for him. My wife also get a lucky gift, she got a laundry bag and 4GB thumb drive. I also would like to thanks to Alvin and Janice helping to wrap the lucky draw gifts. I also would like to thanks G&P give me an opportunity to work with you all. I not only learn technical knowledge, but also learn how to manage time, social, management and etc. I would like to say sorry to all my colleagues if I have did any mistake from the work. I'm really happy working in G&P although sometime feel tired, but it worth to learn.

Anyway, I will tell people that I'm proud to be ex-staff G&P. I also will bring the sharing culture and love to my future work place. BRAVO!!!

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